hand [hand]
[ME < OE, akin to Goth handus < base of -hinthan, to seize (hence, basic sense “grasper”) < ? IE base * kent-, ? to seize]
1. the part of the human body attached to the end of the forearm, including the wrist, palm, fingers, and thumb
2. a corresponding part in some animals; specif.,
a) any of the four feet in apes, monkeys, etc., used like human hands for grasping and gripping
b) the end part of the forelimb in many of the higher vertebrates
c) the pincerlike claw of a crustacean
3. a side, direction, or position indicated by one hand or the other [at one's right hand]
II denoting some function or activity of the hand
1. the hand as an instrument for making or producing
2. the hand as a symbol of its grasping or gripping function; specif.,
a) [pl.] possession [the documents now in his hands]
b) control; power; authority [to strengthen one's hand]
c) [pl.] care; charge; supervision [in the hands of one's lawyer]
d) agency; influence [to see someone's hand in a matter]
e) an active part; share [take a hand in the work]
3. the hand as a symbol of promise; specif.,
a) a clasp or handshake as a pledge of agreement, friendship, etc.
b) a promise to marry [he asked for her hand]
III denoting the manner in which the hand is used
1. skill; ability; dexterity [the work that shows a master's hand]
2. manner of doing something [to play the piano with a light hand]
IV denoting something produced by the hand
a) handwriting
b) a signature
2. a clapping of hands; applause [to receive a big hand for one's performance]
3. assistance; aid; help [to lend a hand]
V denoting a as producing or transmitting with the hands
1. a person whose chief work is done with the hands, esp., one of a staff or crew, as a sailor or farm laborer
2. a person regarded as having some special skill or characteristic [quite a hand at sewing]
3. a person (or, sometimes, thing) from or through which something comes; source [essays by several hands]: often used with an ordinal number: cf. the phrases (AT) FIRST HAND and (AT) SECOND HAND below
VI denoting something like a hand
1. a conventional drawing of a hand (☞) used on signposts, etc.
2. an indicator; pointer [the hands of a clock]
3. the breadth of the human palm, used as a unit of measurement, esp. for the height of horses: now usually taken to be 4 inches
4. Commerce a banana cluster
VII denoting something held in the hand
1. Card Games
a) the cards held by a player at any one time
b) the conventional number of cards dealt to each player
c) a player
d) a round of play
2. a small tied bundle, esp. of tobacco leaves
3. the way cloth held in the hand feels
1. of or for the hand or hands
2. made by hand
3. controlled by hand; manual
1. to pass or give with or as with the hand; transfer; transmit; deliver
2. to give; provide with [it handed them a laugh]
3. to help, conduct, steady, etc. by means of the hand [to hand a lady into her car]
4. Naut. to furl (a sail)
at first hand or first hand
from the original source; directly
at hand
1. near; close by
2. immediately available
(at) second hand
1. not from the original source; indirectly
2. not new; previously used
at the hand of or at the hands of
through the action of
by hand
not by machines but with the hands
change hands
to pass from one owner to another
eat out of someone's hand
to be completely dominated by or devoted to someone
force someone's hand [orig. a whist term]
to force someone to act, or declare intentions, before he or she is ready
from hand to hand
from one person's possession to another's
from hand to mouth
with just enough for immediate needs and nothing left over for the future
hand and foot
1. so that the hands and feet cannot move [bound hand and foot]
2. constantly and diligently [to wait on someone hand and foot]
hand down
1. to give as an inheritance; bequeath
2. to announce or deliver (a verdict, etc.)
hand in
to give; submit
hand in glove or hand and glove
in intimate association; in close agreement or cooperation
hand in hand
1. holding each other's hand
2. together; in cooperation or correlation
☆ hand it to
Slang to give deserved credit to
hand off
Sports to hand (the ball) to a teammate during a play
hand on
to pass along; transmit
hand out
to distribute; deal out
hand over
to give up; deliver
hand over fist
Informal easily and in large amounts
hands down
without effort; easily
hands off!
don't touch! don't interfere!
hands up!
☆ raise your hands over your head!: an order given by a person pointing a gun, etc.
hand to hand
at close quarters: said of fighting
hand up
to present (an indictment) to a court: said of a grand jury
have one's hands full
to be extremely busy; be doing as much as one can
hold hands
to hold each other's hand, esp. in affection
in hand
1. in order or control
2. in possession
3. being worked on; in process
join hands
1. to become associates; enter into partnership
2. to become husband and wife
keep one's hand in
to keep in practice in order to retain one's skill
lay hands on
1. to attack, injure, or punish physically
2. to get hold of; seize; take
3. to place the hands on ceremonially, as in blessing or ordaining
not lift a hand
to do nothing; not even try
off one's hands
no longer in one's care; out of one's responsibility
on every hand
on all sides; in all directions
on hand
1. near
2. available or ready
3. present
on one's hands
in one's care; being one's responsibility
on the one hand
from one point of view
on the other hand
from the opposed point of view
out of hand
1. out of control
2. immediately; without preliminaries or delay
3. over and done with
show one's hand [orig. with reference to card playing]
to disclose one's intentions
take in hand
1. to take control of or responsibility for
2. to take up; handle; treat
3. to try; attempt
throw up one's hands
to give up in despair
to hand
1. near; accessible
2. in one's possession
put one's hand to or turn one's hand to
to undertake; work at
wash one's hands of
to refuse to go on with or take responsibility for
with a heavy hand
1. in a heavy manner; without delicacy or grace
2. with severity or sternness
with a high hand
with arrogance; in an arbitrary or dictatorial manner
with clean hands
without guilt; as an innocent person

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